About us

Capital River of Life Christian Church (CROLCC) is a non-denominational church in Sacramento, CA. In the fall of 2001 a small group of people gathered at a living room to dream about what a church would look like. We wanted a church experience that was transparent, authentic, and life-transforming. We wanted to proclaim one message—that anyone who placed their faith in Jesus Christ would experience a transformed life. In the past 10 plus years many have come and experienced just that, and we have since moved from the original living room to the current leased commercial space. At CROLCC we want to be a church that welcomes everyone in every walk of life. We want to be a community that is actively helping people find their way to God while helping them find their God given mission in life. We invite you to join us in helping bring life transformations to the city.


Welcome to the Capital River of Life Christian Church. We are very happy to worship here with everyone. Whether you’ve noticed or not we have moved to the new hall more than a year ago. For most of us, excitement and freshness are gone, and I'm no exception. But each time, God reminds me of His grace and faith through the perspective of others. Just last week, an older sister came up to me and said, " I could not believe how wonderful this new church, how beautiful! I have been in our house church for a long time, and we have almost the same number here, but we have never done such a thing. This is wonderful! "Do you know that sometimes we need to slow down our steps and kneel before God and say," Thank God, you are so wonderful!”

Building plan

Thank you for your support and dedication to the Capital River of Life Christian Church. It has become a home for so many people over the past decade or so. The existence of the Capital River of Life Christian Church does not serve merely as a site of worship for Christians, but as an environment for those who do not know the church to explore life and God. We have helped more than half of our congregations in such an environment be determined to accept Jesus Christ and be baptized as Christians. Now we have an opportunity to help more children, adolescents, single and married adults to explore their faith in God and to establish personal relationships with Jesus Christ. Whether you dedicate $ 100, $ 500, $ 1,000, $ 5,000 or more, it has a huge impact on us. Sincerely invite you and your family to spend time thinking about how to get involved in this ministry and achieve your goals. Make a check payable to CROLCC with special mention for "church building." Thanks again for your continued support, and I'm sure your dedication will make a big difference in this world.