Every week’s Sunday service message

Mother Stand in right place Become the great

1. The position of a mother is according the God’s purpose when creating Woman • Become a helper as a pair(Gen 2:18): • The original word “helper” was used 21 times in the Bible. It was referred twice in Genesis pointing out that a woman is helper to man, all other mentions of the word […]

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Pastor Joseph Huang – The Redemption of Christ as a “Restoration”

Scripture : ASV :John 3: 17-21; 31-36 1. Jesus doesn’t comes to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. “Condemn the world.” Condemn: κρίνω assumed tone verb, “conditional, under certain conditions”; should be translated as “Judge” instead. “But to save the world through him.” Save: σῴζω is also an assumed “passive” tone […]

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