“Redemption Course” Introduction

“Redemption Course” Introduction

The Redemption Course is from my essay. This is the grace of God. When I had the opportunity to further my studies, I read several research papers of Old Testament scholars and put forward the meaning and influence of the “shameful sin” in the Bible and the “personal view” in Hebrew Old Testament, non-elemental point of view, but for the holistic point of view. Then I started some research and added to the past, pioneering, pastoring the church, bringing the gospel to others, especially the service experience of the release of power, that I find the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ is so complete that it is fully grace of our God’s salvation!

Many of the healing and releasing ministers in the third wave of the Holy Spirit are, in fact, entirely within the salvation of Christ; that is not another salvation, but in the grace of the redemption of the Lord Jesus, through the work and practice of the Holy Spirit In our life. So, first of all, by going back to the Bible to do studies about sin, let us see that sin is divided into two parts: guilt and shame. At the same time, we find that the two are obviously different. The most important truth is that crime and shame are removed in a different way. However, in the past we evangelized, led people to believe in the content of the guilty pleas when they decided to pray, or they often dealt only with guilt in the connotation of pleading guilty to the individual life of the believer because we only know sinful sin. Therefore, we will only admit to God the guilt of sin, and we should confess our sins by means of guilty; we seldom confess the sins of shame to God, and scarcely biblically enlighten us to shamelessly dispose of our lives Shame in the evil should be removed. However, because of the refreshing movement of the Holy Spirit, many people, under the very special visits and impressions of the Holy Spirit, made it a shameful confession that they did not know. However, people around us can see obvious changes from them and envy everyone. However, this kind of testimony also leads to an atmosphere in the church where the fruits of life can only be transformed by the fullness and great visit of the Holy Spirit. In fact, this is the gospel of the Lord Jesus and its salvation.

The Holy Spirit came to glorify the Lord Jesus, putting the salvation of the Lord Jesus specifically on men. Therefore, if we bring the salvation of the Lord Jesus’ cross in the preaching of the gospel, then we will remove the words of guilt and shame in our lives, so that everyone who receives salvation experiences the Lord Jesus by removing the guilt and shame in his personal life, they themselves will clearly understand the power of the gospel. At the same time, the people around them will easily see that they should change greatly because of their guilt and shame. In addition, a very important part of this course is to point out that the Bible is “holistic.” The course will lead you through the analysis of the meaning of the Old Testament. Let us see that the Bible has no meaning but to use the three words of the soul body to represent the people. It is even more meaningless to point out that people are composed of these three elements. Instead, the Bible like to use the body of any organization, internal organs, appearance, facial organs, to represent a “whole person.” For example, Jesus said that “the eye is sinful and the whole body is sinned.” James said, “Tongue sin, sin ignites the whole body.” The Bible is “holistic view”!

This view gives great influence on the leader’s enjoyment of God the Father’s salvation to us in Christ! In the past, we preached the gospel in such a way that we really focused on the salvation of souls. When we lead the people on the “enlightened classes,” the believer can believe that God has only one person, and only Jesus is the Savior. And when he is willing to admit his sin, we lead him to make a decision of prayer and then lead him to baptism. After being baptized, the great work is accomplished. How does this person have the spiritual power to see that he is following through spiritual fruit? Of course, many people experience the wonderful power of prayer, the presence of God, and God’s entry into human life in the process of touching the gospel, so that when they believe, they have been changing more or less. But from the Bible’s point of view, there are many who did not enjoy the redemption of Christ in this way.

If the gospel is not shared from the perspective of the whole person, then those who listen often receive only the gospel, such as another, better religion; the gospel brings spiritual support; the gospel brings the salvation of souls; There is hope in the afterlife … only! Thus, the phrase “I came in the Lord Jesus to make life more abundant” and to become only a taste of God’s grace without the promise of full eating. But by helping us in the curriculum, we find that our eyes, ears, mouth, mind, emotions, work, management, choice, body, and relationships with all things are restored in the context of redemption. In so doing, the fury of many people is also redeemed; the mind of adultery is removed; the lips of love are broken; many fear of animals and insects disappears; and there is a new understanding of work; life The choices have also been changed. Is not such salvation “more abundant”!

Finally, according to the biblical analysis of the Bible, this course will show how sin and shame cause “evil symptoms” in our “all-human” life to bring you to the diagnosis of spiritual life. Let everyone in the light of the Bible not only feel the spiritual life, but also the root cause of this life-disease, and know more that the Lord Jesus has prepared His salvation, and that we can be there to receive healing and recovery! So after this course is a “three days and two nights of going through the camp” that will allow us to be a good spiritual clean-up in our camps and to bury the sin and shame in our lives removal! And where he meets the nail of the Lord Jesus, and His love, through the Lord Jesus Himself redefining the injury, suffering, and sin, allowing us to recover from it and become a new creature! Are you eager to experience the redemption of the Lord Jesus? Please contact us and let us live in the world, enjoy the rich salvation of Christ!