1.How do you view life?
Ecc 1:9 That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So, there is nothing new under the sun.
Marriage will also go through similar stages:
(1) Passion
(2) Realization
(3) Rebellion
(4) Cooperation
(5) Reunion
(6) Explosion
(7) Completion

2. Different perspective, seeing different, Ecc 12:13 This passage provides another perspective, that is, from an eternal perspective. Can we view marriage from an eternal perspective?

3. Cultivate marriage life through the idea of eternity
A. Jesus be the focus of life
B. Because the fear of God, we know the Bible and how to maintain marriage, God can use our relationship to draw people to Him. When you love your spouse, people can see the image of God.
a. God created man and woman (Gen.2:7) (Gen.2:22)
b. God sets up marriage between a man and a woman: Jesus affirms that marriage is a combination of a man and a woman. Mat 19:4-6
c. How should a husband treat his wife?
(1) Eph 5:25 、5:28
(2) Husband should respect his wife:1Pe 3:7
(3) Is there any teaching to ban verbal or physical abuse? Col 3:19
d. How should a wife treat her husband? Eph 5:22 -24
e. Pursuit of holiness
(1) Couple should enjoy each other in their sexual life: Co 7:3-5
(2) Couple must be loyal to each other Heb 13:4
C. Putting Jesus in the center and having the idea of eternity in the marriage doesn’t mean “happy” marriage. In the future, all the suffering will be traded for a crown of glory
Many times, the troubles in the marriage is not the marriage itself, but troubles in relationship with God.

4.To choose this kind of marriage life, what do we do?
A. The priorities must be set right
B. Let the fruit of the Holy Spirit form in us Gal 5:22
C. Couples must read the Bible together, pray and minister together

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