Pastor Irene Huang – Investment in Kingdom Of Heaven

1. Investment Principle: Income-cost = profit

2. kingdom of Heaven is a Priceless Treasure: Matthew 13:44-46 There are Three choices
A. The Reaction of the Rich Man Luke 16:19-31
1) Is heaven so good?
2) I have never been there, how can I know?
3) Show me the actual proof, I will believe
Biblical Answer: Matt.16:29 There is a clear message in the entire Bible that Jesus Christ will come again in the future. After He comes, it is the end of the world. All these tangible things are to be sold, and those who accept Him in the world and keep His laws and regulations, as the Revelation says, it will enter “a new heaven and a new earth“(Revelation Ch.21), to gain eternal life.
B. Young Ruler Response: Luke 18: 18-23 Jesus’ Answer: Luke 18: 24-25
Is this your current struggle?
I believe that the kingdom of heaven exists, and I know that the kingdom of heaven is very good, but must we let everything go when we enter the kingdom of heaven? At the moment, I don’t seem to be so sure to pay such a big price to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I Can’t Let Go of Everything.
C. Peter’s Reaction: Matthew 19:27 Jesus’ Answer: Luke 18: 29-30
How to Get the Kingdom of Heaven? From Jesus’ answer to Peter, we can get the following conclusions: There is a heaven, it is precious, to get it, we must let go of everything to follow the Lord! But there are also great rewards.

3. We put this conclusion into the economic formula:
A hundred times in this life, eternal life in the afterlife (income)- let go of everything to follow the Lord (cost) =
A hundred times in this life, eternal life in the afterlife (profit)
Income – Cost = Income
Matthew 19:27 Peter answered him, “We have left everything to follow you! What then will there be for us?” Jesus answer 29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.
Income-cost = income, equivalent to no cost, does this mean that “putting everything down” does not really mean losing everything but instead gaining?
The mathematical principle of heaven is different.

4. Don’t be afraid to serve
A. “Are you sure you have to work so hard? Don’t be too stupid!”
B. “Look at XX, he didn’t serve anything! Why should I be so desperate?! Don’t be stupid, the church will not give you a salary, or let the preacher do it!” There is no lay believer in God’s kingdom. Have two jobs
C.I want to serve, but I don’t know what I can do?
D.If the church is looking for you to do some obvious service, please don’t reject it.

The Conclusion: Matthew 25:21

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