Pastor Irene – The blueprint for Capital River of Life in my heart

Church is the Congress. Christians are the members of Congress.
1.Why do we need church?
A. Jesus’s salvation brings the hope.
B. Bringing Transformation to the country or community (Uganda; Hemet ,CA)
The most critical element in church is not building, program, but instead it is the people who are gathering, Ephesians 1:18-20 something everyone in church should understand “The great hope of His calling”” Showing the richness of God’s glorious inheritance”” How great is the might of His power”
2.Ephesians 4:7-12 The Glorious Church of God’s Plan
A. We’re living in a kingdom where we are taken care of
1.) Jesus has Capture us back (v8)
2.) Jesus gives everyone gifts (v8b)
3.) Jesus gave 5 great gifts of ministry in the church
3.The functions and goal of the fivefold ministries:
“In order to become sanctified, we need to do our part. Build the body of Christ, until we are all as one in truth”(Ephesians4:12)
To become whole, we need to be equipped
(1) Equipping is for the perfecting of the saints:
(2) The goal for equipping is to lead Christians to ministry
(3) The mission of equipping is to build up the body of Christ (that is the church)
Ephesians 4:1-3: ἀξίως Commensurate: worthy of: suitably, worthily, in a manner worthy of
to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called; The mission of the calling: live out a life with characteristics
4.Capitol River of Life Blueprint: To Fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)
A. The most important thing in the church is the people We emphasize the great importance in changing of life,How?
1.) Equipment: Holistic Redemption, The Home Run Series
2.) Holy Spirit Renewal
3.) Praise and Worship
4.) Evangelism and Gospel Preaching
B. Church strategy: To fish you need to know the different types of fish: Build Christian Family
1.) Equipment course: In addition to the Home Run series, we help brothers and sisters to start from being believers to disciples. There will be useful life lessons: such as love/dating, premarital counseling, husband & wife camps, communication, parent-child relationship, the art of three-generation of cohabitation, mental health, etc.
2.) Strengthen children ministry
3.) Establish youth ministry
4.) Host parents/children activity, Church camp, Parent/children serve together, Community service, parents/children short term mission.
C. Sacramento is the 2nd most integrated city in US, Neighborhood diversity index is the highest in Sacramento
 Expectation to become a multi-ethnic church.
 Pastors needs to be multilingual, and maybe even the secretary needs to be multilingual
 The church of the coming generation

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