1. 1. Preface: A true story: The story that I taught Angel swimming
  2. 2. Common Problems During Bible Reading:
  • Stuck in Exodus, never get out of Egypt
  • Falling asleep while reading
  • No regular schedule, jumping around and without a set schedule
  • Prefer New Testament, only picking through the Old Testament
  • Always asking why when reading the Old Testament
  • Prefer to read books on spiritual forming compared to the Bible
  1. 3. Why do people fail to complete the Bible?
  • Reading the Bible is not a task for fun, your motivation is critical.
  1. 4. Why do we need to read the Old Testament?
  2. 5. Establishing a good habit in reading the Bible
  • Don’t ask too many questions in the beginning (write down the questions you have)
  • Set a fixed time to read
  • Use the same Bible version
  • Utilize the reading schedule booklet (if failed read in one day, no need to catch up, but to start from today and from where it is left)
  • Forming a reading group

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