Brother and Sister’s Testimony (11.19.17)

For two weeks, I’ve asked everyone to practice Thanksgiving right after the sermon has
ended. Have you gotten joyful replies? I hope that this thanksgiving and praise isn’t restricted to
just this season. May it be a practice in our daily lives.

This week, 4 brothers and sisters (Ping, Nancy, Brother Shen, Sister Jean) would like share
with you what God has done for them this past year. We thank God they know that they are
glorifying God, we bless them more as they are testifying. May their stories be encouraging to all
of us.

When you are willing to testify for God, then you know that our blessing comes from
God. It means that we know that our testimonies will encourage others, especially to those who
have similar experiences—then we can also use these stories to evangelize.

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