19th January
written by Pastor Kevin

questions to think before reading the letter
Dear friends,

If you are a Christian chances are you know where to turn for questions like the above. Most likely you are part of a church and have a personal relationship with God, our Heavenly Father. At the same time you probably have friends or family members that ask the same questions over and over yet do not know where to turn. And you wish they do, you wish they attend a church with you.

Thanks to your support and contributions Capital River of Life Christian Church has been a church home to many for the past 10+ years. We are so grateful to you. We exist to not only provide Christians a place to worship, but to also provide the unchurched an environment to explore life and God. And we have done just that, over half of our congregation have come to faith with Jesus Christ and have gotten baptized here.

Now we have an opportunity to create a bigger environment that would allow children, teenagers, single adults, married adults to explore faith and ultimately develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to be able to raise $500,000 in the next 3 months so we may begin construction shortly after attaining the city permit. Your gift of $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more can make all the difference. Would you take some time to consider what you and your family can give toward this mission? Contributions can be made by check payable to “CROLCC” (memo indicating “Building”).

Thank you for your continued partnership. Your donation will make a world of difference. I promise you.


Kevin Lee

Senior Pastor, Capital River of Life Christian Church

Sacramento, CA

P.S. All donations will be tax deductible and please have your correct mailing address so we could forward you the receipt.


Capital River of Life Chiristian Church

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13th April
written by crolcc.org

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We started our 40 day journey through the New Testament several weeks ago and we are now down to the very last week.  Are you excited that we are almost done?  For those of you that haven’t keep up I don’t want you to feel like a failure.  I just want to encourage you to pick up your Bible and read.  Start now, just start from James and read on.  Reading the Bible doesn’t come natural to anyone, it takes discipline, a lot of discipline.  But discipline is good for us because discipline means delay gratification.  What gratification comes from reading the Bible you might ask?  The satisfaction to know that you have accomplished a goal!  Not only that, continuous reading of God’s Word would build your foundation in any of your decision making.  So to know that you are making the right decision, you will need God’s Word to guide you.

Today our London mission team will give their testimonies.  I know most of us didn’t go, but we are still part of the story.  Remember I said that they were the “going team” and we were the “sending team?”  Today is the opportunity for us to harvest together what God has done through them in London.  As you listen I would like to give you a challenge though, would you ask yourself, can I be part of the “going team” in the future?  I want to encourage you to at least participate in short term missions once, because when you do, you will realize why you didn’t participate sooner.

Moving Forward

We can’t all go on a mission trip, but we certainly can bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those around us.  Would you continue to ask God to give you that opportunity to serve and to share?


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6th April
written by crolcc.org

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Happy April everyone!  We finished The Comparison Trap series last week and I hope you will continue to seek God to the best of your ability what you have been uniquely created to do.  Remember, there is no win in comparison.  There is no sense of satisfaction, there is no finish line, there is no peace.  So when you are tempted to compare, celebrate what God has given others and leverage what God has given you. You will find peace and you will find a deep sense of satisfaction in your life when what you do align with God’s will for you.

Today we are so happy to have pastor Neill and Jenny with us.  They are those people you want to hang out with more because they will fill your buckets when you do.  He is going to be speaking on the topic of grace.  Would you please give him a very warm welcome!

Discussion Questions

1. Describe a time when someone showed grace to you.  What happened and how did it make you feel?

2. Describe a time when you showed grace to someone undeserving.  What happened and how did you feel?

3. How do you plan to use your life to invest in the next generation?

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