About Us

Capital River of Life Christian Church (CROLCC) is a non-denominational church in Sacramento, CA. In the fall of 2001 a small group of people gathered at a living room to dream about what a church would look like.


Welcome to CROLCC, we are so glad you are here worshiping with us. We just finished our series Follow and I hope you have learned about following Jesus as much as I did. No matter where you are and what you have done, don’t stop following Jesus! If you are ever tempted to unfollow Him, remember to ask yourself this question, “To whom shall I go?” If you pause long enough to ask this question, it will bring much needed clarity to your doubts and fears. So, if not Jesus, who? If not Christianity, what?

Building Plan 2014

If you are a Christian chances are you know where to turn for questions like the above. Most likely you are part of a church and have a personal relationship with God, our Heavenly Father. At the same time you probably have friends or family members that ask the same questions over and over yet do not know where to turn. And you wish they do, you wish they attend a church with you.